Clothes Shopping

Today’s my day out with Icepath 🙂
We went clothes shopping – down at Don Don Down on Wednesday at Shibuya.
It’s a second-hand clothes shop that reduces its prices down a notch on Wednesdays, which explains the shop name. I didn’t really bring much winter clothes over, so it’s time to get a bunch 🙂

The current price tags are as such
Eggplant ¥7,000
Spring Onion ¥5,000
Carrot ¥4,000
Peach ¥3,000
Strawberry ¥2,000
Grape ¥1,500
Pumpkin ¥900
Banana ¥500
Mushroom ¥300
Watermelon ¥100

How this works is that each piece of clothing is tagged with a fruit or a vegetable, and each week, the price rotates downwards. Next week, the Eggplant becomes → Read more


 Meeting T in Tokyo

I had an extremely delicious minestrone cup noodle by Topvalu, and then ダラダラed (lazed) in my room until late morning.  I then forced myself to get up and take a shower before heading out for my lunch appointment with T at Akihabara. I met him at the main exit and we walked off from the station.

He asked me what I wanted to eat, most probably for fun as he knows I don’t really have much of a food preference. I shrugged and said anything.

Along the way, we spotted an exhibition going on. I’m not exactly sure what the whole event was about, but there were many figurines from

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AirBnB in Tokyo

Today, I awake in a different place than where I usually would wake up from. I have flown from my prefecture to the busiest part of Japan and took up lodging in Ikebukuro. I have actually stayed in this AirBnB, that I’m currently staying in, before. It was when I did my backpacking trip around Japan. Although it has been close to a year, I was still able to remember how to get to this place from the Yamanote line. I’m very glad that my memory has not failed me 🙂

This sharehouse has space for many people. There are currently four permanent dwellers, and one of them was someone who had been around since the first time I came here. I was glad to meet her again, and she actually remembered me! My friend from my home country, Icepath, arrived here one day earlier than me. We were separated right after the Tokyo Orientation, so I’m glad to be able to meet her again 🙂
We sang at a karaoke place from 12:00 all the way till 19:00. It was extremely enjoyable. I definitely want to do this again sometime.

The MYC (Mid-Year Conference) only starts on Monday, so 日曜日までに東京で enjoying myself させていだたきます。(in Tokyo until Sunday) 🙂


Today I watched this programme called Sarameshi. This programme covers the life of people who work through the night. The first job insight was about a guy who cleans airplanes. Like the outside of the airplane. They clean this gigantic airplane with small mops and brushes, well small when compared with the plane itself. It didn’t occur to me that planes had

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Falling off my Bicycle

I fell off my bicycle and met two kind souls. It felt really fated. It still hurts though.
I was on my way home after meeting up with a friend from my home country. He came over to my prefecture for a day, so I had dinner with him before heading back to my apartment. On the way back, I cycled past this plump lady who had tons of bags that she was holding while cycling. It was then that I felt cold and decided to stop to zip up my jacket. As I struggled to zip it back up, she cycled past me. Once I was ready, I proceeded forward and was about to cycle past her when she pedalled to the left. I couldn’t stop, but I could kinda still go past the space between her and the railings on the left, so I tried to, but my bicycle somehow managed to get hooked with another parked bicycle on my left. I tumbled out of my bicycle, my bicycle crashed → Read more

Random Person at Work

So we have someone who randomly comes in into our division and starts talking about problems regarding the world and other social issues to anyone who would listen to him. He usually comes to talk to 補佐, but if he is not around or busy, he will shift his target to M-san. However, today, there isn’t anyone in our office except for I-san, E-san and myself. We looked at each other; I-san will probably be his target. When he shuffled along to our division, I-san picked up the phone and pretended to call someone. She remained silent for a while as if the phone was still trying to connect, and then sprouted out the usual greetings – いつもお世話になっております、はい、元気です。はい、はい、あ、はい。But he still wouldn’t give up. I-san had no choice but to say はい、今取りに行きます (I’ll head over to collect it now). And then he gave up. I snickered silently at this whole situation in my seat together with E-san.