Kindle Arrived!

My white kindle paperwhite arrived today!
As my room’s fan is noisy to the extent that I can’t hear anyone calling from the door, I was camping outside at the living room for the whole day. Parcel finally came at a quarter past six in the evening. → Read more

[ReBlog] Kasama CIR’s Diary #3:ハーフマラソンに参加した感想

Reading about the blogs of other CIRs really makes me motivated and all geared up for my upcoming experience in Japan. I will probably skip out on marathons though. Can’t even run 1km without being exhausted.

Keeping up with Kasama

This year I ran in the 11th Annual Kasama Tougei-no-Sato Half Marathon.


It was both my second time running this half marathon, and the second time running a half marathon in my life.


Last year I ran it in just over 2 hours and 10 minutes. This year I was determined to finish in less than 2 hours.


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Met another JET-er

Went for a Japanese language meet-up and happened to talk to another person who is also on the JET programme as an incoming 2017 person. Although he will be working as an ALT, we still talked excitedly, having met another incoming JET-er for the first time. I’m hoping to organise a meet-up with all the CIRs in my area soon.


Ask any of my close friends and they’ll tell you how much I love traditional books. I love physical books that can be flipped, felt, and smelled. Yes. But recently, I have been looking into e-books, more specifically their readers.

When I started mentally organising the things I’d bring to Japan for my new job, I realised that I can’t possibly bring my whole bookshelf there. I used to tell people that I prefer to carry a thick book out to read than use an e-reader, but さすがに going overseas poses a problem.

Furthermore, I’m starting to dive into tougher Japanese novels and a dictionary within an e-reader sounds just like the thing for advanced Japanese learning.

So, I started looking into the Kindle Paperwhite reader. → Read more