Feeling inadequate

As I browsed through news articles about my prefecture and the events that were previously held, I realised that just a single paragraph of info contained more than seven new vocabularies on average that I did not know the meaning of. Words like, → Read more

No word from predecessor

I didn’t receive any contact from my predecessor, and I finally found out why. It’s because I don’t have one!(笑)

However, someone in my office just contacted me and I am now able to get an inkling of what my job will be like. → Read more

Japanese Voice-Over Recording


I had to travel for more than an hour and a half to the recording studio.
It was raining heavily today.
But no matter, it’s my first proper voice-over job whatever the weather!

The whole recording studio’s atmosphere was friendly and comfortable.
I was 15 minutes early, so I took the time to do some voice warm-ups.
Afterwards, I switched off the air conditioner, and it was time to record! → Read more

Placement Released

Finally!!! My placement is finally out!!!
I didn’t get one of my three choices, but I got somewhere very near it.
Thus, I’m still happy. Looking forward to a semi-田舎 lifestyle ♥

To my readers: Please travel on this journey with me ✿