Feeling inadequate

As I browsed through news articles about my prefecture and the events that were previously held, I realised that just a single paragraph of info contained more than seven new vocabularies on average that I did not know the meaning of. Words like,

  • 協議会
  • 推進
  • 連合
  • 公益
  • 発達
  • 振興
  • 要項

If I were doing a translation, I would still have time to find out the meaning of these words, but what if they were to come up during interpretation?? I’d be dead.

I’m feeling a great need to further improve my Japanese before flying over.
I just hope they don’t expect too much from me.



5 thoughts on “Feeling inadequate

  1. If you are feeling inadequate, remember your 姉, who is in the same 会社 doing the same thing for a decade.
    I guess you have no choice but to read more similar articles to build up your vocabulary in that area. Similar to guiding.

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