Internet Cafes & Karaoke Booths

What are some budget overnight lodging options available in Japan?
Many of us are probably familiar with the small but relatively cheap capsule hotels – wait, who am I kidding. Most capsule hotels are definitely not priced cheaply enough for me, and the amount of space you get in comparison is laughable.

Then there are internet cafes and karaoke booths. These places are gems. They are not too difficult to find and are priced really cheaply for an overnight stay.

I recently read this article on RocketNews24 – my favourite news source for random tidbits – and it mentioned how “Manboo, one of Japan’s biggest Internet cafe operators, has decided to go one step further and create what’s essentially an Internet hotel.” It’s a steal for the number of facilities provided at that price!

Other than Internet cafes and their new counterpart mentioned above, I have also spent a night with a friend at a Karaoke booth when backpacking across Japan. We sang Karaoke through most of the night and then took a nap until the sun rose. It’s such a refreshing experience since Karaoke in our hometown is pretty expensive, especially if one wants to sing Japanese songs. It costs only 1,480 yen for the whole night including tax at our booth. Pretty fantastic. Oh and did I mention that there are free flow drinks, including corn soup?


☆ Have fun in Japan ☆


3 thoughts on “Internet Cafes & Karaoke Booths

  1. That’s really interesting. I’ve heard of the capsule hotels, but would never have thought to search out Internet cafes or karaoke booths for overnight! I suppose the need for soundproofing/quiet and a comfy perch to sit for hours makes at least the karaoke booth a logical relative of a hotel room.

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    1. Indeed! But everyone’s so noisy in the other karaoke rooms, even with good soundproofing, it isn’t as quiet as a hotel room. Haha. Though, if it’s in the middle of the night, it should be quieter. My friend and I were singing throughout the night, so we didn’t really take note of the supposed noise level if we weren’t singing ^^;;


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