Double Meaning Sentences

Let’s have fun today, shall we?
I recommend a JLPT N3-ish level and above for this.
There are two meanings for each sentence, what are their meanings?
(I’ll write the answers in the comment section below, so make sure to try them out before scrolling all the way down!)

  • 結婚したい男。
  • 昨日、うちのおばあちゃんは胃の手術をした。
  • コーヒーだけはだめです。
  • 電車の中でゲームをしているサラリーマンに驚かされた。
  • これは私の写真です。
  • 先生と生徒3人が風邪で休んでいる。
  • エレベーターで遊ばないでください。
  • その計画は6月1日に変更された。
  • 旅行はいけません。
  • 誰よりもあなたが好きです。
  • どんな男の子でもよい。
  • 彼女の双子の妹の花子さんがアメリカに留学した。
  • 君だけが敵ではない。
  • トイレを探してください。
  • 初めてのキスの相手は独身だった。

答えは ↓ にあります。
Please bear in mind that the answers are what I have came up with, so they may or may not be what the original quiz giver intended it to be. They should be correct though.


3 thoughts on “Double Meaning Sentences

  1. Answers

    The man I want to marry.
    The man who wants to marry.

    Yesterday, my grandma had a stomach surgery.
    Yesterday, my grandma performed a stomach surgery.

    cannot only have coffee.
    I’m good with everything except coffee.

    The salaryman who was playing a game on the train surprised me.
    I was surprised to see a salaryman playing a game on the train.

    This is my picture.
    This is a picture of me.

    Three people, teachers and students, are resting because of a cold.
    A teacher and three students are resting because of a cold.

    Don’t play in the elevator.
    Don’t play using the elevator.

    That plan was changed on the 1st of June.
    That plan was changed to 1st of June.

    I can’t go on vacation.
    Vacation is not good.

    I love you more than anyone else.
    I love you more than everyone who loves you.

    Any kind of boy is fine.
    Any guy’s child is fine.

    Her younger twin sister, Hanako, went to America to study abroad.
    The younger sister of her twin daughters, Hanako, went to America to study abroad.

    Only you are not my enemy.
    You are not my only enemy.

    Please look for the toilet.
    Please search the toilet.

    The person I first kissed was single.
    My first kiss was with a person who is single.


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