HelpX, WorkAway, WWOOF

I always have people asking me what I plan to do after my job as a Coordinator for International Relations. It annoys me at times. I don’t think anyone can predict the future, and our plans will always evolve due to the changes we experience in life. Much less something as big as living alone in a foreign country.

However, my current plan will tentatively be me participating on HelpX or WorkAway after my contract with JET is over.

HelpX, WorkAway, WWOOF, if you have yet to hear of them, are organisations that connect helpers with hosts all over the world. Volunteers assist with various tasks and projects for a pre-agreed amount of time per day (usually an average of four to six hours of work per day, five to six days a week) in exchange for food and housing provided by the host. This enables volunteers with a tight budget to travel the world and experience life like locals, while hosts are able to get help without needing to provide a salary.

I recommend checking these sites out if you have yet to 🙂
If I really do participate on HelpX and/or WorkAway, you can be sure that I’ll be blogging about them here as well!


3 thoughts on “HelpX, WorkAway, WWOOF

  1. Yes, life is unpredictable. You could end up as a translator for Shuueisha, a seiyuu for an ecchi anime, or the mother of several screaming half-blood babies. Or the full time staff for Kumamon.

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