Tokyo Orientation – Day 1

Breakfast starts at 0700, followed by an opening ceremony at 0900. We had to be seated by 0845 though. → Read more


Making the leap to Japan

With my luggage stuffed full to the brim, I was ready to head off to Japan.
I was planning to get some rest on the plane, but ended up marathoning movies with my friend who sat beside me. I did manage to get about a good solid 2.5 hours of sleep with

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As I packed my suitcase and backpack, various feelings ran through me.
I always go overseas once a year with my family. So, I am more or less used to packing for a trip. However, this time it’s different. I’m not packing for a trip; what I bring stays with me for at least a year. I’m leaving my house. No need for those shampoo and bath soap. But yes to those small little things that → Read more

Farewell Dinner by JET

Today, I attended a farewell dinner organised by JET and its related organisations.
My friend and I arrived very early and we sneaked a peek looked at the name tags that were placed on the table. It had the position, name and placement or corporation of each person here tonight.

Ms Torazakana

Said my tag.
I scanned through the → Read more

Familiar yet Foreign

A random thought.

After I came back home from my over a month long solo backpacking trip in Japan, everything seemed familiar yet strangely foreign. It took me several days for me to really feel at home. Now that I’m going to Japan for at least a year, I wonder how everything around me would appear to be like when I return home.