Tokyo Orientation – Day 1

Breakfast starts at 0700, followed by an opening ceremony at 0900. We had to be seated by 0845 though.


The whole ‘Concord’ room was filled. According to insider’s 情報 (intelligence), there should be 900 ish of us here. Bear in mind this is just Group B.

Workshops begin at 0935 all the way till 1200, with short 5 to 10 minutes breaks in between. Lunch break was from 1200 to 1315. I managed to catch 15 winks in my room then, since I stay in the main tower. Went to the next workshop on translation, refreshed. The workshops continued until 1715. CIRs got to use the Starlight room that is on the 43rd floor, which gave us a rather marvellous view.


Having gone through all the workshops for the day, we had a welcome dinner reception at 1830. I liked how they had tables for different prefectures, so we could finally mingle around with JETers who are going to be in the same general area as ourselves.

After dinner, our group of girls, REVCY hung out together in one of our rooms. I’m definitely going to miss this when we all get separated on the 2nd.


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