Shamisen Lesson

I was excited for the whole of today because it’s Shamisen 見学&初体験 this evening!
Left straight for my sensei’s place after work. Wakuwakuwakuwakuwakuwaku.
I 見学-ed a current student. She was a rather mature lady (to put it nicely). I’m guessing she’s in her early 60s. Her Shamisen looked gorgeous. My 初体験 started after my 見学. Sensei taught me how to → Read more


Went running with C-san. I managed to run for 2.6 km. I can’t believe it. I usually get all tired after just 1 km, and I didn’t even do any proper exercise since I came! Must be all the unintentional cycling and climbing of stairs.

First formal interpretation

I did my first formal interpretation on a stage for a cruise’s maiden call ceremony today. I was, of course, nervous as hell. The captain was extremely friendly though. That helped. It went well because I was lucky 🙂

We were given a tour of the cruise after the ceremony, and I got to see a suite cabin. It was gorgeous. I’m jelly. Afterwards, I also acted as the interpreter, as the captain and the hotel manager toured my prefecture for a bit. Since I only came here not too long ago myself, I learned many things while interpreting the Japanese person who was doing the actual explaining.

In other news, I also went to an Aeon mall near my place after work today, to try to sign up for a credit card by them, but they said that they didn’t have the service, and I have to go to the main shopping mall which is 5km away from my place. (TдT)

But, at least I have a phone number now!

Ditching the router and grabbing the Pocket Wifi

Updates updates updates!
So, Pikara called me on Friday and told me that “Sorry, it will take 3 months, instead of 1 month, to set up your wifi”. I’m like “What?!”. Luckily, they told me that I could terminate the contract with them if I wished to. To be safe, I checked with them – I don’t need to pay the cancellation fee right? And yes, I don’t need to. So now, I don’t have a mobile plan or wifi. I’m back to square one.

I asked C-san and K-san about their mobile and wifi plans, but hmm… I’m not sure if I require a credit card for those, and the price isn’t too good either. Dang the credit card system, I typed “クレジットカートなし 格安モバイル番号” (Without Credit Card Cheap Mobile Number). After sifting through a list, I found Rakuten Mobile to be quite good! I could even apply for it online! It was 1,600 yen for → Read more

Life in Japan

During the past couple of years, I have spoken to a number of Japanese people online back in my hometown, and I always wondered why most of them didn’t really have anything they did as a hobby after work, or on weekends. Won’t life be very boring if they only worked and rest? Or do things like shopping or drinking? Is that all there is to life?

Then, I came to Japan. And I haven’t done anything really productive myself. When I was back in my hometown, I would → Read more