Work – Day 1

It’s the first day of work.
I bought red bean bread from Lawson nearby, stuffed it into my bag, and took the train down to my new office. I’m 30 minutes early, so I munched on my breakfast.

Hello E-san. She sat down beside me.

Okay. What do I do now?
I guess I can start by reading the guidebooks about my prefecture. It’s always good to know more about my prefecture so that I can translate or interpret more accurately.

M-san came over to ask me to check an email’s English. H-san came over to ask me to check the summary of some item requisitions. Hmm.. the English used in the summary is a little weird. But then again I don’t really know how formal item requisition works. I need to consult Google-sensei.

Problem. I can’t connect to the office Internet. At least not right now; since I don’t have a login user and password for myself. Yet. Ugh.

Lunch was with C-san, K-san and E-san. We ate at the cafeteria downstairs. I had とんかつ定食 (Tonkatsu Set Meal). C-san had 冷やし中華 (Cold Chinese-style Noodles). Damn – they look good. I’m having that tomorrow. Mine wasn’t too bad either. And we get miso soup and tea for free.

It’s 1500. I placed my suit on and walked towards a room together with 課長 and H-san. It was time for me to receive my formal 辞令 (appointment of personnel) from the mayor. He わざわざ came down to present it to me. How fantastic. Oh – and people from NHK came too. They interviewed me. I’m going on TV, but I won’t be able to see myself, since I don’t have a TV, nor do I have the Internet at home. Besides, it will probably only be a tiny segment. Still, I’m kinda sad I don’t get to see it. Meh.

Back to my work desk. Time passed by in a flash, as I tried to get everything settled.
I finally got my username and password for my Internet. Yes. Internet.
But I still require my 印鑑 (name stamp) and bank account.
チーフ promised that we will get these tomorrow.

“You can go off already” said E-san. I looked at the time – woah it’s already 1710.
“お先に失礼します” I said while giving a slight bow.

It’s time to head home – and to the supermarket. I need my cleaning tools. The house is too old and dirty. It also has a funky smell in some areas. Not a good sign. At least they are no bugs so far. I think it’s because チーフ kindly helped me chase all of them away. I hope they don’t come back.

I looked around the house and pondered what I will be needing.
Then I wrote my shopping list. I won’t want to miss out on anything.

– Dinner, Ice-Cream, Breakfast
– Liquid/Powder to clear drains
– And stuff to clean rust, oil stains, rice cooker, etc
– Something to clean the washing machine
– Something to clean the air-conditioner (?)
– Bolster (?)
– Shampoo, Soap, Nail Clipper, Towel
– Cleaner thing that sits in the hole of the washing hand part of toilet
– Scrubbing Brush
– Insecticide

Okay. Time to walk down the stairs. It’s four stories down. There’s no elevator. Of course, there isn’t an elevator. This place is over 40 years old.

At least the supermarket is just five minutes away. Yeah.

Food Rations bought
– Bentou and Onigiri (Dinner)
– Egg and Bacon Bread (Breakfast)
– Cup Noodles x 2
– Vegetable Drink
– Granola Cereal Thingy
(Note: Didn’t get Ice-Cream)

Cleaning kit bought
– Scrubbing Thingamajig
– Gekiochi Papa Scrubbing Foam Block Whatsis
– Rubbish Straining Doodad
– Toilet Alkaline Cleaning Thingummy
– Washing Machine Cleaning Thingamabob
– Pipe Cleaning White Tablet Whatchamacallit
– Nail Clipper, Handwash, Sponge, Masks

There goes ¥5,724.
That isn’t too bad.
Oh yeah – I forgot to mention I bought an iron before going to the supermarket.
That was ¥8,208. lol.

I still have a long way to go before my house really feels like my house.


12 thoughts on “Work – Day 1

  1. E-san is your supervisor?
    Can よそ者 go eat at your cafeteria?
    I think your place would look much homier if you can change your curtains to a nicer colour/design.


    1. I’m not sure if よそ者 can go eat at my cafeteria. I do know that the 市役所 people can eat at the 県庁. If you really want to come over, I could ask my soup I guess. And no, E-san isn’t my soup. Again, go see the text on the right column. Also, curtains aren’t my top priority. My washing machine, bicycle and wifi are my top priority right now. I’m sure I will feel more at home with those three. Yes, a bicycle.


      1. You can ask your soup when we are there.
        Yeah, you go get those first.
        I do think curtains would make a big change in the feel of your house though.


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