Interpretation at an event

Thank you everyone who was concerned about my well-being with the whole saga in my previous post. I really appreciate your emotional support. Without further ado, let me blog about today.

I’m okay now. Up and about. Was nearly late for work, because I miscalculated the time – but I still managed to reach my seat with three minutes to spare 🙂

I finally completed my translation requests and proceeded to read the governor’s script to prepare for tonight’s interpretation. Yes – my first official interpretation job. And it’s after working hours. Which is good actually, because I get 代休 (off in lieu hours) for me to use nearly whenever I wish. It’s time to accumulate them! Also, apparently I don’t need to interpret the governor’s speech; which is a huge relief. I just need to interpret whenever people need me. Okay – seems good. Informal interpretation is much much better.

After I was done looking through the event outline for tonight, I started looking into the various divisions (課) my office has. There are so many of them, and all of them have absurdly long kanji names. Whenever someone says a particular section name, it just flies over my head – much less a person from a particular section. So I really need to get that sorted out. Which I diligently did. Am going to continue working on that tomorrow.

At 1730, I headed off to the event venue where I am supposed to be interpreting. It’s not just me though. The are a couple of interpreters scattered around the venue. The event doesn’t start this early though, so I helped to set up the venue, tying and propping up flags and stuff.

For the event itself, there were many different people from various countries. Not all of them can speak English though. But most of them could speak Japanese. Lol. Remind me what I am here for again?

I moved around the area, trying to see if there was anyone I could help. In the end I stuck myself to the Malaysia table, because their Japanese was rather basic, but they could speak English – so I could basically make myself helpful. I also didn’t touch much of the food since I was working, but I snuck some bites here and there.

Everything went smoothly tonight – except I had to hobble a little back home because I’m still not used to wearing my pumps.

Good Night people 🙂


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