Feet, Microwave, NHK, Bicycle

I was nearly at the train station before I realised I didn’t have my wallet with me.
So I had to run back to my apartment; while cursing under my breath. I so do not want to be late. It has only been exactly a week since I started work. My feet started to hurt. They were not in a good condition after yesterday’s interpretation. I didn’t want to be late. I considered changing into my sneakers after I grabbed my wallet, but meh – it would take some time to wear my socks and all. Also, I didn’t want to be informal.

I missed the train. Waited for the next one. As I waited, I checked the condition of my feet. Ugh – blisters. I managed to reach with two minutes to spare. Phew. Everything today went smoothly at work. H-san decided to bring me to search for a microwave (which my apartment still lacks). Of all days lol. Ouch. Still, I said yes. We went to the electrical appliance store – and found a suitable cheap microwave. But, the store couldn’t do the bank transaction thingy that my office wanted to do. So we decided to head to another store. It started to rain. H-san didn’t have an umbrella. That was unexpected. I shared. We went into the second store. It was the store I bought my iron from. Hello lady at the counter. She recognised me from when I bought the iron. She told me she saw me on TV. Oh right – NHK came to interview me during my job appointment ceremony. She can do the bank transaction thingy at her store. Only that her store’s microwaves are expensive. So we gave up too. The rain turned heavy.

Next, we went to look at bicycles. My current inherited bicycle has rust on the chains, its height is very high, and the lock cannot be opened with the key because it has rusted too much. I hinted that I wanted a new bicycle. I hinted that I was totally fine with buying a new bicycle for myself by myself. H-san wanted to get my current one repaired though. The lock repaired. I don’t know about the rust. It seems like I might need to get rid of it myself. I am seriously more for buying a new bicycle for myself. Mleargh.

P-kun came to visit me tonight. He wanted to take a look at my house. Sure. After I told him about my bicycle issue, he said that his friend has seven bicycles and may be able to lend me or sell me one. I told him I definitely wanted to buy one. He said he’ll ask. Cool.


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