Getting a Debit Card in Japan – Japan Net Bank Visa Debit

After staying in Japan for a couple of months, I feel that although credit cards are widely talked about, debit cards seem to be less heard of. As someone who wants to purchase online items, but is extremely uncomfortable in putting oneself into the whole complicated default revolving payment system of credit cards, I looked into debit cards in Japan that are under VISA and do not have a membership fee. There was only one card that satisfied all my criteria, and it is the Japan Net Bank Visa Debit Card.

There are two options for you to choose when you apply for the JNB Visa Debit.
The default option is the Visaデビット付キャッシュカード (Visa Debit Cash Card), and the second option is the Visaデビット付キャッシュカードファミマTカード (Visa Debit Cash Card Family Mart T-Card).

The difference?

The default card earns you 1 JNB point per 500 yen of purchase. The Family Mart T-Card earns you 2 T-Points per 200 yen of purchase at Family Mart (Famima) and 1 T-Point per 500 yen of purchase elsewhere.

1 JNB point = 1 yen
1 T-Point = 1 yen (only available for use at Famima)

Seeing that I do occasionally pop down to Famima, I decided to go for the Famima version.

You can apply for the card here.
Just click on the red button that says 今すぐ口座開設 🙂

The following is a guide on how to apply, written by yours truly 🙂

Surname: <Katakana> Name: <Katakana>
Surname: <Katakana> Name: <Katakana>
Surname: <English> Name: <English>

Gender: Male / Female
Date of Birth: Year / Month / Day
Postal Code: (Click on the button to allow the system to search for your address using your postal code)
Prefecture: <Select from list>
Specific Address: <City/Street name/etc>
Building name and House number:
Phone number:
E-mail Address:

Company Employee (Management) / Company Employee (General) / Company Executive / Self-Employed / Government Worker or Teaching Staff / Employee of a Society / Temporary Employee / Part-Timer / Housewife / Student / Others (Househusband / Retired / Jobless / Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) ← Don’t ask me why.

If you pick any of the official job selections, you will have to write your
Company Name and Work Contact in the following boxes.

The service in which you are interested in
– ヤフオク!Yahoo Auction
– その他Yahoo!関連 Other Yahoo related stuff
– ファミマ提携 Family Mart T-Card
– 公営競技 Government Operated Gambling
– 宝くじ Lucky Draw
– Visaデビット Visa Debit
– ローン Loan
– ポイント系サイトの換金 Converting points into money on websites
– ソフトバンクカード Softbank Card
– その他 Others

The reason as to why you want to open this bank account
– To make this into an everyday living expenses account
– Savings / Handling of Assets
– To do FX transactions
– To receive salary/payment
– To use loans
– For Shopping and Auctions
– To pay for hobbies and leisure activities

Click on the small “I agree” button.
Choose to download the smartphone application (it is selected by default)
→ This application is for certifying that you are truly the person you claim to be

Once you have the app, open it and click the yellow button 🙂
Check your particulars and then click on the blue button to proceed.

The number you see is your 受付番号 (receipt number).
Take note of this number and download the application by pressing the appropriate button.

When you have the app, key in your receipt number at the first column, followed by your surname, name (all in Katakana of course), and your date of birth.

Next, take a picture of the front of your 保険カード (that blue health insurance card) or your driving license, and then the back of it.

And there you have it! Just wait for them to send your card to the address you wrote.

After you receive your card, you’ll need to put money into your Japan Net Bank account before you can use it – since this is a debit card. To put money into your account, simply go to any one of the following ATMs, insert your card into the machine, and put in your money! Make sure to insert your card in the correct way (with キャッシュカードのご利用 side pointing towards the slot). Do take note that transaction fees apply if your transaction is less than ¥30,000. However, they do give you a free transaction once per month of any amount.

The left states the ATM type, and the right states where the ATM can usually be found at.banks

Leave a comment if you find this useful 🙂
And feel free to ask me questions if you are still lost!


11 thoughts on “Getting a Debit Card in Japan – Japan Net Bank Visa Debit

  1. Hi, the article is really helpful. However, when I tried filling in the information, the katakana part won’t accept my name even written in Katakana already. What should I do? Please help. Thank you very much.


      1. That was extremely useful!! thank you very much
        Is there a limit for the amount you can spend per transaction using this card?
        Also, since it’s a visa debit Card I believe it can be used anywhere online right?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hmm… I’m not too sure about whether there’s a limit or not. I think I have spent about 60,000 yen with no problems before. It can be used nearly anywhere online yes 🙂


  2. This is very detailed and helpful, thanks! My husband recommends I use v-Preca have you heard about that one? It doesn’t look as good as this one though…


    1. I have never used v-Preca before, but I just looked it up. It has a maintenance fee if you don’t use it for three months. They do not have the point system as well. You will also need to look into the transection fees of v-Preca when withdrawing or depositing money. Their website has sufficient English so you can read up on it, but all in all I think I prefer JapanNetBank. They have a great smartphone application.


  3. Thank you for posting this… I just received my Famima Card, but was a little confused as to what to do next (putting yen into the account) I appreciate your time in getting this information out online. . thanks!


    1. Don’t worry, I was also quite confused as to how to get money into the account!

      To put money into your account, go to any one of the ATMs I have listed in my post (make sure they allow for money depositing), insert your card into the machine, and put your money into the ATM. Make sure to insert your card in the correct way (with キャッシュカードのご利用 side pointing towards the slot). Do take note that transaction fees apply if your transaction is less than ¥30,000, so make sure to prepare cash that is above that amount! Though they do give you a free transaction once per month of any amount 🙂


  4. Your post is very helpful. I applied for the Famima one but I don’t have Driver’s License so I just sent them my Health Card. Do they also accept Residence Card or My Number?


    1. Your health card is your best bet! You’ll find it being accepted more than your residence card 🙂

      I’m not sure about the My Number card though.


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