I’m very glad that I decided to go abroad to live by myself. I feel like this is the first time I’m becoming an adult. Honestly – finishing studies and going to work in my home country was nothing compared to living alone now and having to deal with so many different matters. It is tough and it will most likely continue to challenge me. It does make me want to throw away everything and just run back home and continue living under the wing of my parents, but I know that one day – I will still need to face reality. So it is better if I start facing reality right now. Thanks to a particular person in my prefecture, I have found out much more about myself than I could ever have if I were alone. これからも頑張ります。


5 thoughts on “Adulting

  1. The greatest thing of all is that, even if you decided tomorrow to return home and to your parents’ care, NOTHING CAN REDUCE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. They belong to you already.

    You’ve spread your wings more than many (perhaps most?) people do in a lifetime. It is now a given that you are brave and intrepid and willing to face failure if necessary to gain new and rewarding experience.

    I hope you continue to live your life this fearlessly, but don’t wait to celebrate what you’ve done. It is impressive. 🙂

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  2. Where is home for you? Here in Canada, I often find myself thinking that we would be much better off if more people had a chance to experience another country/culture and didn’t have such a narrow view of what is what. Intercultural/international living, with all its ups and downs, is such a gift: kudos to you for embracing the self-reflection of it all– trust me, in the long run, you’ve already ‘won’ the adult game.

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    1. I honestly haven’t decided where home is for me yet. Of course, nothing can replace the country that I was born in, but I must say that I haven’t experienced enough for me to decide where or what home is for me yet. Indeed it would be great if more people could experience an international life overseas. Thank you for your positive comment. 投稿にも書いてあるのですが、これからも頑張って生きていきます。

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