Falling Sick

My throat started hurting, and then it turned into a cold – with chills, headache, slight pain in joints and a hint of a fever. I couldn’t think straight and felt cold even though the temperature was at 29 degrees. Had to use two hours of 代休 (off in lieu) and leave work at 15:00 to crash into bed – but not before texting BF to help buy me some sandwiches for dinner. At about 17:30, BF came over with not only sandwiches but soba and salad – as well as a hamburg bento set for himself. He also got me this Oral Rehydration Solution that is supposed to taste good when you’re sick but awful when you’re well. It tasted good. Damn.

We watched a couple of → Read more

The Habit of Tracking Expenses

I have been tracking my expenses quite successfully for about a year in my home country before coming to Japan. I would diligently key in whatever I have purchased straight after I bought them, or kept receipts to enter them in later. I did all these because I read that a person who is in control of their financial situation has a much better control of their life overall. However, after coming to Japan, I stopped doing this. Reason being I did not → Read more

GW4 – Cool Biz has started

It is Golden Week, and I am in my office – for the morning – as I have presentation slides to finish up. In addition, today is the first day of Cool Biz here! It will last until the 31st of October. Cool Biz is a campaign that was initiated by the Ministry of the Environment back in 2005 to save electricity by having everyone dress in an attire more appropriate for summer – instead of the usual neckties and suits, to allow the air conditioner’s temperature to be set at 28 degrees (temperature might vary from office to office). I was surprised to see that polo shirts are allowed here! However, formal wear will of course still be required during formal events.