Catching up with an ex-CIR

I caught up with an ex-CIR of a certain prefecture over dinner today. I can count with one hand the number of times we have met, but I really enjoy his company.

I learned a lot about his prefecture’s previous and current governor, how the director of his division was like during his first year, and the overall dynamics of his old JET workplace. After listening to his stories and him commenting about mine, it made me all the more grateful for my colleagues in my division.

He also shared with me his experiences of having a Japanese spouse and raising a trilingual child. It was extremely fascinating to hear how his kid could code switch without themselves noticing that they are doing it. The concept of “English” or “Japanese” doesn’t occur to the child at first. It’s amazing how the human brain works.

I also heard about the stress he faced throughout the years, and how his health was affected because of it. Hearing about his condition nudged me to remind myself to take care of my body properly. By talking with him, I am even more determined to ensure that I do not over-stress myself, get sufficient exercise, and allow myself to wind-down each day.

I felt like I grew quite a bit today.
Hopefully I will continue to grow even more tomorrow.


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