Attacks on KonMari

I have only just realised that there is a tendency for people to judge something they haven’t even tried. Instead of trying, they decide on whether they like it or not from the words of others or from articles written by others, and just stop there.

I understand this helps people save time, as there are probably many things they want to do, so they can’t possibly check out every single doubt they hold, but it just reminds me that many things go unnoticed and untried with the biases we carry.

I wrote this in relation to the recent KonMari attacks. People who have never seen her books are making comments like

“I feel like she is reinventing something and sticking a big ™ on it.” or “‘If you like your stuff, keep it, and if you don’t use it, get rid of it’ seems to be the gist of it”.

Haven’t we all been piecing things together to create something original? If one were to read the books, they would find that from the vast amount of methods people do to keep a house tidy, a small amount of advice are picked and arranged carefully to give the reader or viewer a logical and fast way to organising their life. Furthermore, a good number of advice in her books are far from “common sense stuff” and even if they seem to be common sense, it isn’t something one would actively pursue unless told by another person. For example, one of her advice was to remove labels and texts from products to calm feelings of possible anxiety. Sure, removing unwanted labels to declutter the space when we view the area is stating the obvious, but how many of us would actually think of doing it? These sort of advice are things that were discovered by Kondo Marie when she herself tried to tidy the house of others.

I agree that some people might take KonMari to a cult-like level, and it might be scary. I also agree on how it may be over-sensationalised. However, I do feel that there isn’t a need to diss her off completely without even first taking a look at what she has to offer; especially when she has indeed helped many people.

3 thoughts on “Attacks on KonMari

  1. What’s frustrating is how some of these people not only didn’t read her book, but also construed and spread false information about what she’s doing. Parts of Book Twitter were in a riot and I couldn’t help but think, “For people that are supposed to be readers it’s surprising you didn’t read the section in context where she talks about books and how some might keep more than others.” Instead they make jokes about how she only wants you to keep 30 books and “riot” online.

    I’ve noticed that not just with KonMari, but with a lot of subjects, people make their judgements based off what other people say or write, without taking the time to look into it themselves, and then are quick to attack online. I understand that time is precious and we don’t all have time to read everything in detail. I just wish people would take time to reflect a little on the information they’re receiving before making a public judgement call.


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