How to renew visa / residence card in Japan for CIRs

Are you a third-year CIR like me? Then you’ll need to hurry up with renewing your visa before it’s too late!

“Hang on, is there a difference between renewing my residence card and renewing my visa?” you may ask. That’s a tricky question to answer.

Your “visa” is the permission you need to stay in Japan. If you check your passport, you should find a label that says “Japan Immigration Inspector 上陸許可 Landing Permission”. That is your visa for your first three years.

Your residence card that you have acts as a verification of your visa. That is why you need to have your residence card on you at all times, and ensure that you show it to the immigration counter when flying overseas.

You can apply to extend your visa AND get a new residence card, 3 months prior to the visa expiration date (which is stated on your residence card).

So what exactly do you need to do to stay for another 1~3 more years?
Submit an “Application for Extension of Period of Stay” to renew your visa and obtain a new residence card. This will require two trips down to your regional immigration office!

How to get about doing it.

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This CIR JET Programme blog has evolved

I started this blog to record my journey as a CIR on the Jet Programme, but right now, it has evolved to so much more than that. I’m blogging about moving in with a loved one, and about preparation for a wedding in Japan.

So much of my life has changed after coming to Japan. I always joke to my friends that my life story could be made into a Shoujo Manga. It would be about how this foreigner steps into Japan, lives abroad for the first time, learns a Japanese musical instrument, falls in love with the teacher, become a couple, has issues with communicating how she feels in her non-native tongue, but overcomes them in the end.
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WFH – Day 1

And so it begins. Working from home.

The feeling of responsibility and freedom are balancing each other out pretty nicely.
I feel the need to produce results even more than working at the office because results will be the only thing the higher-ups can judge my performance on. However, at the same time, the sense of freedom is great. I get to open the window, eat my breakfast while working, and do stretches when I get tired.
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Thoughts on the latest personnel shuffling

It’s the second day of working with the new team, and I already have my impression of them. I know it’s not good to determine how people are this quickly, but please allow me to write down my current opinion of them. I might revise this in the future.

For now, the new Kachou… is a notch lower than our previous Kachou. He also talks a lot to our Hosa – and Hosa isn’t able to do his work… I hope Hosa doesn’t have to do 残業 because of this. A good point about Kachou is that he is very cheery and full of laughter though.
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Heading for letters addressed to presidents, ambassadors

I was recently tasked to provide a list of headings for letters addressed to 偉い people and I had to research the lot. I now have a very nice list, so I decided to share it here 🙂

President (大統領)
The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Letter salutation: Dear Mr. President:
Complimentary close: Most respectfully,
Introduction: The President of the United States
Conversation: Mr. President

First Lady
Mrs. (surname)
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Letter salutation: Dear Mrs. (surname):
Complimentary close: Sincerely,
Introduction: (full name), First Lady of the United States of America
Conversation: Mrs. (surname)
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Teaching at the Police Academy

Today, I had the opportunity to teach at the Prefecture’s Police Academy.

Upon arriving at the school, I was ushered to a small waiting area cum pantry.
There, one of the staff warned me in advance that when I enter the classroom, the students would all greet me very loudly. Also, whenever the students walk past any guest, senior officer or teacher on campus, they would give a loud greeting as well.

Okay, I got it. Police training is similar to the army I guess.

It was about time to head up to the classroom on the third floor.
I entered the classroom.
The first-row student on the extreme left gave everyone a signal. Then,
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A fufilling interpretation

I feel that one of the factors that contribute to a fulfilling interpretation is having enough time to prepare for it, and having the words you prepared coming up in the actual interpretation.

I received news that a school from overseas would come down to my prefecture to look at our horticulture. There was a lot to study as I knew nothing about horticulture – both in Japanese as well as my native English language.

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