First school visit to an Elementary school

I did a presentation on my home country and the traditional games we play, to 107 Elementary 1 school students today. It took me about two days to prepare the slides, with most of my time spent on finding the most appropriate pictures. Due to the age of the students, I wasn’t able to use many words in my presentation and I couldn’t even use Kanji! Everything had to be kept simple.

I talked about the environment, food, games and school system of my home country. It was nice to see → Read more


JET Application for CIRs 国際交流員

So. The application for the 2018 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme is now open. It seems only yesterday that I stepped into Japan myself. Actually, I have only been in Japan for a month and a half. Yet in this short period of time, so many things happened. I have been blessed that my position as a Coordinator for International Relations is exactly what has been promised to me. I get to do translations, interpretations and help out with events. A little sad that I don’t have a time slot on the radio though 😛

The time has come now and ALT / CIR / SEA hopefuls are starting to piece together their applications and doing their best to polish up their SOPs (statement of purpose).

If anyone needs help with their SOP or advice about anything related, leave a comment on this post and I’ll get in touch with you 🙂


First Business Trip

Today is my very first 出張 (business trip), and I am extremely 緊張 (nervous).
Boarded the plane and flew down to Tokyo – then boarded the bus to Chiba.
We were having a meeting with a passenger cruise captain, to discuss the fender issues at my prefecture’s port. I am tasked with the role of an interpreter.

We exchanged name cards and got down to business. Both parties had → Read more

First formal interpretation

I did my first formal interpretation on a stage for a cruise’s maiden call ceremony today. I was, of course, nervous as hell. The captain was extremely friendly though. That helped. It went well because I was lucky 🙂

We were given a tour of the cruise after the ceremony, and I got to see a suite cabin. It was gorgeous. I’m jelly. Afterwards, I also acted as the interpreter, as the captain and the hotel manager toured my prefecture for a bit. Since I only came here not too long ago myself, I learned many things while interpreting the Japanese person who was doing the actual explaining.

In other news, I also went to an Aeon mall near my place after work today, to try to sign up for a credit card by them, but they said that they didn’t have the service, and I have to go to the main shopping mall which is 5km away from my place. (TдT)

But, at least I have a phone number now!