Teaching at the Police Academy

Today, I had the opportunity to teach at the Prefecture’s Police Academy.

Upon arriving at the school, I was ushered to a small waiting area cum pantry.
There, one of the staff warned me in advance that when I enter the classroom, the students would all greet me very loudly. Also, whenever the students walk past any guest, senior officer or teacher on campus, they would give a loud greeting as well.

Okay, I got it. Police training is similar to the army I guess.

It was about time to head up to the classroom on the third floor.
I entered the classroom.
The first-row student on the extreme left gave everyone a signal. Then,
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Attacks on KonMari

I have only just realised that there is a tendency for people to judge something they haven’t even tried. Instead of trying, they decide on whether they like it or not from the words of others or from articles written by others, and just stop there.

I understand this helps people save time, as there are probably many things they want to do, so they can’t possibly check out every single doubt they hold, but it just reminds me that many things go unnoticed and untried with the biases we carry.

I wrote this in relation to the recent KonMari attacks. People who have never seen her books are making comments like
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Catching up with an ex-CIR

I caught up with an ex-CIR of a certain prefecture over dinner today. I can count with one hand the number of times we have met, but I really enjoy his company.

I learned a lot about his prefecture’s previous and current governor, how the director of his division was like during his first year, and the overall dynamics of his old JET workplace. After listening to his stories and him commenting about mine, it made me all the more grateful for my colleagues in my division.

He also shared with me his experiences of having a Japanese spouse and raising a trilingual child. It was extremely fascinating to hear how → Read more

Cycling in Japan

Having never needed to ride the bicycle in my home country, I only just started learning how to ride it before I came to Japan. Thus, I experience OH MY GOSH THAT WAS FREAKING CLOSE situations when I’m on my bicycle at least three times a month if not more.

Let me share with you what happened today.
I have to post my 年賀状s (new year greeting cards) by the 25th, so I figured that I should get them posted now in case I forget tomorrow. Unfortunately, today was a rainy day. I looked out my window – hoping that it would lighten up enough so that I can cycle to the post office relatively near my place. It did, so I went out.

However, it started to rain quite a bit on the way back, and I had two close shaves. A car didn’t notice me as he turned at the traffic light spot (it was still green for pedestrians), and I had to shift my course of direction towards the left before he realised I was there. Another incident happened when I → Read more

Falling off my Bicycle

I fell off my bicycle and met two kind souls. It felt really fated. It still hurts though.
I was on my way home after meeting up with a friend from my home country. He came over to my prefecture for a day, so I had dinner with him before heading back to my apartment. On the way back, I cycled past this plump lady who had tons of bags that she was holding while cycling. It was then that I felt cold and decided to stop to zip up my jacket. As I struggled to zip it back up, she cycled past me. Once I was ready, I proceeded forward and was about to cycle past her when she pedalled to the left. I couldn’t stop, but I could kinda still go past the space between her and the railings on the left, so I tried to, but my bicycle somehow managed to get hooked with another parked bicycle on my left. I tumbled out of my bicycle, my bicycle crashed → Read more

Going for Seitai

Due to a bad sleeping posture, constantly sitting at the office, and daily practising of the Shamisen, I started to feel a tension between my neck to slightly below my shoulders. It was getting worse and affecting my right arm, so I decided to go for 整体 (Seitai) upon recommendation by my Shamisen teacher. 整体 is a manipulative therapy based on Chinese and Japanese traditions, and encompassing osteopathy, massage and chiropractic. It was extremely helpful, and I really recommend it 🙂