Going for Seitai

Due to a bad sleeping posture, constantly sitting at the office, and daily practising of the Shamisen, I started to feel a tension between my neck to slightly below my shoulders. It was getting worse and affecting my right arm, so I decided to go for 整体 (Seitai) upon recommendation by my Shamisen teacher. 整体 is a manipulative therapy based on Chinese and Japanese traditions, and encompassing osteopathy, massage and chiropractic. It was extremely helpful, and I really recommend it 🙂


Shamisen Lesson

I was excited for the whole of today because it’s Shamisen 見学&初体験 this evening!
Left straight for my sensei’s place after work. Wakuwakuwakuwakuwakuwaku.
I 見学-ed a current student. She was a rather mature lady (to put it nicely). I’m guessing she’s in her early 60s. Her Shamisen looked gorgeous. My 初体験 started after my 見学. Sensei taught me how to → Read more

Touring an Elementary School

As participants of the JET Programme in my hometown, we are allowed to visit the elementary Japanese schools here to see how the English classes are like. Although I have been to a Japanese Senior High School during their yearly school festival, I have never been to an elementary school. I went down with one of my close friend who is also on the programme today. I’m very glad I → Read more