I’m very glad that I decided to go abroad to live by myself. I feel like this → Read more


Cycling in Japan

Having never needed to ride the bicycle in my home country, I only just started learning how to ride it before I came to Japan. Thus, I experience OH MY GOSH THAT WAS FREAKING CLOSE situations when I’m on my bicycle at least three times a month if not more.

Let me share with you what happened today.
I have to post my 年賀状s (new year greeting cards) by the 25th, so I figured that I should get them posted now in case I forget tomorrow. Unfortunately, today was a rainy day. I looked out my window – hoping that it would lighten up enough so that I can cycle to the post office relatively near my place. It did, so I went out.

However, it started to rain quite a bit on the way back, and I had two close shaves. A car didn’t notice me as he turned at the traffic light spot (it was still green for pedestrians), and I had to shift my course of direction towards the left before he realised I was there. Another incident happened when I → Read more

Falling off my Bicycle

I fell off my bicycle and met two kind souls. It felt really fated. It still hurts though.
I was on my way home after meeting up with a friend from my home country. He came over to my prefecture for a day, so I had dinner with him before heading back to my apartment. On the way back, I cycled past this plump lady who had tons of bags that she was holding while cycling. It was then that I felt cold and decided to stop to zip up my jacket. As I struggled to zip it back up, she cycled past me. Once I was ready, I proceeded forward and was about to cycle past her when she pedalled to the left. I couldn’t stop, but I could kinda still go past the space between her and the railings on the left, so I tried to, but my bicycle somehow managed to get hooked with another parked bicycle on my left. I tumbled out of my bicycle, my bicycle crashed → Read more

Going for Seitai

Due to a bad sleeping posture, constantly sitting at the office, and daily practising of the Shamisen, I started to feel a tension between my neck to slightly below my shoulders. It was getting worse and affecting my right arm, so I decided to go for 整体 (Seitai) upon recommendation by my Shamisen teacher. 整体 is a manipulative therapy based on Chinese and Japanese traditions, and encompassing osteopathy, massage and chiropractic. It was extremely helpful, and I really recommend it 🙂