Famous Person from my Home Country comes to visit

A famous person from my home country arrived in my prefecture yesterday evening. Through the articles about her and the work she has done, one can tell that she has placed in an enormous amount of effort to get to where she is today. She wants to leave behind a legacy and I am pretty sure she will. The story of her hard work is extremely inspiring and I am highly pleased to be interpreting for her and for my prefecture. I hope that this visit will be beneficial to both parties and that

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Interpretation for the Industry Promotion Plan Presentation

I did an interpretation today for a presentation on my prefecture’s industry promotion plan. We talked about the problems our prefecture has, which is both a decreasing and ageing population. Due to the population decreasing, the size of the economy gets smaller, and this further causes the young people to leave the prefecture. It’s a negative spiral. So, we are now trying to create a larger and more active economy by selling our goods outside of the prefecture – to other parts of Japan as well as overseas. From what I see so far, the plan has been → Read more

An ambassador and his professional interpreter

The ambassador of a particular country in Europe came to my prefecture together with his wife and their interpreter. 課長, H-san and I, accompanied them to our famous castle. At first, because their native language isn’t English, I wasn’t sure whether I should interpret Japanese into English for them, but when I asked the interpreter for advice, she said that the both of them understood English.

When the ambassador knew I could speak English, he started talking to me. “This may be a nosy question, but I realise your name isn’t Japanese” he commented. Indeed I am not, I thought as I told him where I was from. He was extremely friendly and didn’t put on airs, I’m glad to be able to guide such a person around.

The tour of our castle was done by a veteran guide in English, so I honestly didn’t have much work to do. During then, I had the chance to talk to the interpreter, and I found out that → Read more

First Business Trip

Today is my very first 出張 (business trip), and I am extremely 緊張 (nervous).
Boarded the plane and flew down to Tokyo – then boarded the bus to Chiba.
We were having a meeting with a passenger cruise captain, to discuss the fender issues at my prefecture’s port. I am tasked with the role of an interpreter.

We exchanged name cards and got down to business. Both parties had → Read more

First formal interpretation

I did my first formal interpretation on a stage for a cruise’s maiden call ceremony today. I was, of course, nervous as hell. The captain was extremely friendly though. That helped. It went well because I was lucky 🙂

We were given a tour of the cruise after the ceremony, and I got to see a suite cabin. It was gorgeous. I’m jelly. Afterwards, I also acted as the interpreter, as the captain and the hotel manager toured my prefecture for a bit. Since I only came here not too long ago myself, I learned many things while interpreting the Japanese person who was doing the actual explaining.

In other news, I also went to an Aeon mall near my place after work today, to try to sign up for a credit card by them, but they said that they didn’t have the service, and I have to go to the main shopping mall which is 5km away from my place. (TдT)

But, at least I have a phone number now!