First Business Trip

Today is my very first 出張 (business trip), and I am extremely 緊張 (nervous).
Boarded the plane and flew down to Tokyo – then boarded the bus to Chiba.
We were having a meeting with a passenger cruise captain, to discuss the fender issues at my prefecture’s port. I am tasked with the role of an interpreter.

We exchanged name cards and got down to business. Both parties had → Read more


First formal interpretation

I did my first formal interpretation on a stage for a cruise’s maiden call ceremony today. I was, of course, nervous as hell. The captain was extremely friendly though. That helped. It went well because I was lucky 🙂

We were given a tour of the cruise after the ceremony, and I got to see a suite cabin. It was gorgeous. I’m jelly. Afterwards, I also acted as the interpreter, as the captain and the hotel manager toured my prefecture for a bit. Since I only came here not too long ago myself, I learned many things while interpreting the Japanese person who was doing the actual explaining.

In other news, I also went to an Aeon mall near my place after work today, to try to sign up for a credit card by them, but they said that they didn’t have the service, and I have to go to the main shopping mall which is 5km away from my place. (TдT)

But, at least I have a phone number now!

Interpretation at an event

Thank you everyone who was concerned about my well-being with the whole saga in my previous post. I really appreciate your emotional support. Without further ado, let me blog about today.

I’m okay now. Up and about. Was nearly late for work, because I miscalculated the time – but I still managed to reach my seat with three minutes to spare 🙂

I finally completed my translation requests and proceeded to read the governor’s script to prepare for tonight’s interpretation. Yes – my first official interpretation job. And it’s after working hours. Which is good actually, because → Read more