#2 Fukayomi – Organ Donation

I watched another FU.KA.YO.MI session on the television this morning.
Today, the topic is about organ donation after death. In Japan, there is a small area at the back of one’s blue National Health Insurance card that gives the owner a chance to specify whether they would like to donate their organs after death.

It is written as such → Read more


Getting Colder

It’s getting colder here. My digital clock informs me that my room is approximately 19 degrees at night. I purchased a nice warm blanket for myself. It’s extremely fluffy and soft to the touch. I also got warm slip-on house shoes 🙂

#1 Fukayomi – Japan’s working lifestyle and retirement

I watched the television program FU.KA.YO.MI where they invite experts to talk about issues in society. Today’s session was about retirement issues. Apparently, the retirement age is 60, but due to an ageing population, the young aren’t able to fully support the seniors. The way Japan goes about fixing this problem is to extend the working age to above 60. However, many companies choose this path of ‘rehiring’, which means → Read more