Double Meaning Sentences

Let’s have fun today, shall we?
I recommend a JLPT N3-ish level and above for this.
There are two meanings for each sentence, what are their meanings?
(I’ll write the answers in the comment section below, so make sure to try them out before scrolling all the way down!)

  • 結婚したい男。
  • 昨日、うちのおばあちゃんは胃の手術をした。
  • コーヒーだけはだめです。
  • 電車の中でゲームをしているサラリーマンに驚かされた。
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I’m having soooo much fun looking into and learning the dialect of my prefecture!
There is a website dedicated to teaching it, a seminar thread on togetter and even someone who tweets the dialect’s grammar on twitter! I also bought five LINE stamp sets of the dialect, and am picking it up fast from using them!