Read a Korean book without batchim

My Korean colleague introduced me to a Korean storybook that does not have any batchim in it at all. He translated the Korean into Japanese so that I can get the gist of the story. Here is me attempting to read out the story without understanding what most of the words mean.


I hope to look back at this and laugh in about half a year’s time.


Minute Differences in Meaning

Do you know the difference between いつ and どんな時?

いつ回復アイテムを使う?- When will you be using the healing item?
どんな時に回復アイテムを使う?- When do you use healing items?

Mind Blown. I did not realise that there was such a fine line of difference. However, now that it has been pointed out to me… そういえばそうだね…

Goldlist Method #2

I planned to distill my first 25 words on the 27th of June, but we all know that things hardly go as planned don’t we?

Did my first distillation today from 25 words to 17 words.
How did I feel about it?
Honestly, I was “Did I even learn these words before?” for most of the words.
So… things aren’t looking good so far.
As for the words that I felt were somehow in my memory, are words that I already somewhat know even before doing this goldlisting… so I don’t have an accurate idea as to whether this really works. Yet.

Next distillation will be on the 23rd of July if all goes as planned.
Maybe I’ll sneak in another 25 words on the 14th of July or so.

Double Meaning Sentences

Let’s have fun today, shall we?
I recommend a JLPT N3-ish level and above for this.
There are two meanings for each sentence, what are their meanings?
(I’ll write the answers in the comment section below, so make sure to try them out before scrolling all the way down!)

  • 結婚したい男。
  • 昨日、うちのおばあちゃんは胃の手術をした。
  • コーヒーだけはだめです。
  • 電車の中でゲームをしているサラリーマンに驚かされた。
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Goldlist Method #1

I was about to start Goldlisting, or rather Bronzelisting, but I realised that I didn’t have any A4 sized notebooks. I have tons of notebooks, but they are all A5… (苦笑)

So I went out to purchase three nice A4 notebooks before starting out.
Wanted to purchase bronze, silver and gold notebooks, but さすが couldn’t find any, so I bought brown, grey and red notebooks for my Bronzelist, Silverlist and Goldlist respectively.

After ensuring that no one would come and bother me, I placed aside 20 minutes to start on my first 25 words. I read them out loud as I wrote them down, then read everything once more before closing the book. It took about 18 minutes-ish.

Planning to distill them on the 27th of June 🙂

New Methods of Remembering

Language learning still opens the door to new discoveries even after years and years of self-studying. It’s really amazing. Today, I learnt of two new methods of remembering that I have never heard before. They are called the Iversen Method and the Goldlist Method. There is no connection between them whatsoever though.

The Iversen Method gets you to remember five words at one go. It is effective in that you don’t just remember words flashcard by flashcard, as we tend to forget them straight after we are done with them.

The Goldlist Method is harder to understand, and I am rather sceptical as to → Read more