Korean Performance

Went to watch a performance by a Korean performance group today. The opening few acts were so-so, but it gradually got me extremely impressed. It was a mix of dancing and percussion performances, and it would not have been impressive, if not for the fact that there were very little performers – which meant that one person went up for many acts and did not specialise in a certain dance or music act. They must have practised very hard to be able to handle such a wide range of acts. Kudos to them!

Ventriloquism in Japan

Not too long ago, Darci Lynne Farmer wowed the crowd at America’s Got Talent 2017 by performing ventriloquism with singing as her main act. It got me wondering to what extent is ventriloquism popular in Japan. So I typed in 腹話術(ふくわじゅつ)in the search engine of YouTube and Wikipedia. Of all the people performing, one person stood out greatly. He is いっこく堂. I am totally astounded by the level of → Read more