Japanese Voice-Over Recording


I had to travel for more than an hour and a half to the recording studio.
It was raining heavily today.
But no matter, it’s my first proper voice-over job whatever the weather!

The whole recording studio’s atmosphere was friendly and comfortable.
I was 15 minutes early, so I took the time to do some voice warm-ups.
Afterwards, I switched off the air conditioner, and it was time to record! → Read more

Japanese Voice-Over

I suddenly received a message from someone yesterday. It read “Hi Torazakana, I’m XX. Your friend passed me your contact when she heard that I was looking for Japanese-speaking females to try out for my voiceover project. Would you be interested in trying out for such a project?”

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and got reminded yet again how important networking is. I hope that I do get the job. Will update again ♥