Conversando sobre o Monte Fuji

So, I discussed with my vizinha about tips and stuff I should be aware before climbing Monte Fuji. → Read more


Familiar yet Foreign

A random thought.

After I came back home from my over a month long solo backpacking trip in Japan, everything seemed familiar yet strangely foreign. It took me several days for me to really feel at home. Now that I’m going to Japan for at least a year, I wonder how everything around me would appear to be like when I return home.

HelpX, WorkAway, WWOOF

I always have people asking me what I plan to do after my job as a Coordinator for International Relations. It annoys me at times. I don’t think anyone can predict the future, and our plans will always evolve due to the changes we experience in life. Much less something as big as living alone in a foreign country.

However, my current plan will tentatively be → Read more

Internet Cafes & Karaoke Booths

What are some budget overnight lodging options available in Japan?
Many of us are probably familiar with the small but relatively cheap capsule hotels – wait, who am I kidding. Most capsule hotels are definitely not priced cheaply enough for me, and the amount of space you get in comparison is laughable.

Then there are internet cafes and karaoke booths. These places are gems. → Read more