WFH – Day 1

And so it begins. Working from home.

The feeling of responsibility and freedom are balancing each other out pretty nicely.
I feel the need to produce results even more than working at the office because results will be the only thing the higher-ups can judge my performance on. However, at the same time, the sense of freedom is great. I get to open the window, eat my breakfast while working, and do stretches when I get tired.
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Thoughts on the latest personnel shuffling

It’s the second day of working with the new team, and I already have my impression of them. I know it’s not good to determine how people are this quickly, but please allow me to write down my current opinion of them. I might revise this in the future.

For now, the new Kachou… is a notch lower than our previous Kachou. He also talks a lot to our Hosa – and Hosa isn’t able to do his work… I hope Hosa doesn’t have to do 残業 because of this. A good point about Kachou is that he is very cheery and full of laughter though.
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Random Person at Work

So we have someone who randomly comes in into our division and starts talking about problems regarding the world and other social issues to anyone who would listen to him. He usually comes to talk to 補佐, but if he is not around or busy, he will shift his target to M-san. However, today, there isn’t anyone in our office except for I-san, E-san and myself. We looked at each other; I-san will probably be his target. When he shuffled along to our division, I-san picked up the phone and pretended to call someone. She remained silent for a while as if the phone was still trying to connect, and then sprouted out the usual greetings – いつもお世話になっております、はい、元気です。はい、はい、あ、はい。But he still wouldn’t give up. I-san had no choice but to say はい、今取りに行きます (I’ll head over to collect it now). And then he gave up. I snickered silently at this whole situation in my seat together with E-san.

Work – Day 2

It’s the second day of work.
I don’t need my suit – hurray.
No more long sleeves for me today.

Headed out to get my 印鑑 (name stamp) carved and my bank account opened. H-san kindly accompanied me.

Lunch! Yes, my 冷やし中華 (Cold Chinese-style Noodles)!
It’s as delicious as it looks!

Then it’s time to work on a translation 依頼 (request). It’s about a luggage deposit service. The format is of a poster-ish feel. I like this. It’s not filled with text from one end to the other.

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Don’t have enough formal clothes!

I only have one full set of formal clothes – a blouse, a suit and a skirt.
And this was essentially what I bought for my interview.

As Tokyo Orientation draws nearer, I figured I really need to get a couple more formal outfits. Went down to a rather popular shop near my place, and found out that they were having a 40% off on woman blouses! Bought three new ones. Now I’m good.

ああ、ますます社会人になっている。(Aah, I’m becoming more and more of a working adult)