Interpretation at an event

Thank you everyone who was concerned about my well-being with the whole saga in my previous post. I really appreciate your emotional support. Without further ado, let me blog about today.

I’m okay now. Up and about. Was nearly late for work, because I miscalculated the time – but I still managed to reach my seat with three minutes to spare 🙂

I finally completed my translation requests and proceeded to read the mayor’s script to prepare for tonight’s interpretation. Yes – my first official interpretation job. And it’s after working hours. Which is good actually, because → Read more

Cleaning – Day 1

I got lazy. I didn’t head out in the morning for the event finals.
Around 1130, I texted E-san to find out how the event went.
She told me that the group I was supporting didn’t go through to the finals, but it seems like they felt like they did their best and are happy with their result. They also received a lot of valuable critiques from the judges, so I’m sure it helped them grow a lot. I hope from the bottom of my heart that they this will be a springboard that propels them to a greater height in the future.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my apartment. My predecessor left a lot of junk. Like a WHOLE lot of junk. You know what’s worse than having to clean out other people’s junk? It is having to → Read more

Work – Day 2

It’s the second day of work.
I don’t need my suit – hurray.
No more long sleeves for me today.

Headed out to get my 印鑑 (name stamp) carved and my bank account opened. H-san kindly accompanied me.

Lunch! Yes, my 冷やし中華 (Cold Chinese-style Noodles)!
It’s as delicious as it looks!

Then it’s time to work on a translation 依頼 (request). It’s about a luggage deposit service. The format is of a poster-ish feel. I like this. It’s not filled with text from one end to the other.

I have my Internet, but I can’t copy-paste from the real desktop to the virtual one that has the Internet. How am I supposed to → Read more

Work – Day 1

It’s the first day of work.
I bought red bean bread from Lawson nearby, stuffed it into my bag, and took the train down to my new office. I’m 30 minutes early, so I munched on my breakfast.

Hello E-san. She sat down beside me.

Okay. What do I do now?
I guess I can start by reading the guidebooks about my prefecture. It’s always good to know more about my prefecture so that I can translate or interpret more accurately.

M-san came over to ask me to check an email’s English. H-san came over to ask me to check the summary of some item requisitions. Hmm.. the English used in the summary is a little weird. But then again I don’t really know how formal item requisition works. I need to consult Google-sensei.

Problem. I can’t → Read more

Heading over to my Prefecture

My roommate has a breakfast coupon because she needs to leave the hotel at 0630. I don’t have one, even though I have to leave not too long after. Dang it. Still, I realised that Concord Room C has its breakfast at 0630 instead of the usual 0700, so I made my way towards it and had a quick breakfast.

Once my tummy was filled, I headed down to the Hana room to 集合 (assemble) with all my other buddies from the same prefecture. We took a bus down to Haneda and it was time to fly over to the place where I would begin a new life in.

Had my lunch at the airport before taking a shuttle-ish bus down to my new office. However, only K-san was there. I greeted him and passed him my omiyage. It was then time to make my way down to → Read more