Getting a Phone Line and Home Internet

I impatiently waited for my bank book, bank card, and bicycle to arrive.
A knock at my door at 0955. Yay – bank book and card! I can finally apply for a phone line and wifi 😀

At 1015, another knock on my door. My bicycle’s here 😀
It’s time to cycle down to the nearby electronics store to get the missing plug for my tv, and then to Aeon to get my phone line and wifi. That was the plan, but the road was so narrow, I ended up pushing my bicycle along to the electronics store. I hope I didn’t → Read more

Familiar yet Foreign

A random thought.

After I came back home from my over a month long solo backpacking trip in Japan, everything seemed familiar yet strangely foreign. It took me several days for me to really feel at home. Now that I’m going to Japan for at least a year, I wonder how everything around me would appear to be like when I return home.