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Interpretation at an event

Thank you everyone who was concerned about my well-being with the whole saga in my previous post. I really appreciate your emotional support. Without further ado, let me blog about today.

I’m okay now. Up and about. Was nearly late for work, because I miscalculated the time – but I still managed to reach my seat with three minutes to spare 🙂

I finally completed my translation requests and proceeded to read the governor’s script to prepare for tonight’s interpretation. Yes – my first official interpretation job. And it’s after working hours. Which is good actually, because → Read more

Tokyo Orientation – Day 2

Today’s orientation started off with a panel discussion. Three CIR senpais from Iwate, Tokyo and Kochi came to explain to us more about life as a CIR. It was really insightful and I would say that it is one of my most enjoyed workshop through the whole orientation. Although the reason is most probably because their Japanese were very easy to comprehend.

Another very useful workshop was on 通訳 (interpreting). We tried out various ways to improve and practise our interpreting. They are ‘shadowing’, ‘repeating’ and → Read more