Toki Pona

toki! mi kama sona e toki pona.
Hello! I’m learning the toki pona language.
It is a language with only approximately 120 basic words which you mix and match to form sentences that expresses what you want to say.

Toki pona does not have any native speakers as it is a constructed language created by the Canadian linguist and translator Sonja Lang. Everyone learns from each other in communities on Discord, Reddit, and Facebook.

Toki pona challenges the way you think with its limited vocabulary.
I highly recommend language lovers to give this language a go!
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Shamisen Lesson

I was excited for the whole of today because it’s Shamisen 見学&初体験 this evening!
Left straight for my sensei’s place after work. Wakuwakuwakuwakuwakuwaku.
I 見学-ed a current student. She was a rather mature lady (to put it nicely). I’m guessing she’s in her early 60s. Her Shamisen looked gorgeous. My 初体験 started after my 見学. Sensei taught me how to → Read more