GW3 – Using a Menstrual Cup

My period came. On the start of Golden Week. At first, I was annoyed – of all days! However, later I realised that there’s no better time to try out my menstrual cup that I bought from Amazon a few months back.

For those who do not know what a menstrual cup is, it is an alternative to pads and tampons. It is first folded and pinched, then inserted into the vagina. Once inserted, it will often unfold automatically and create a seal against the vaginal walls. You should be able to feel it opening when you are used to it. Most cups are shaped like a bell with a stem and made of flexible silicone. They collect the menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it and should be emptied once every 6-12 hours (depending on your flow and cup size). It is also reusable for a couple of years (numbers vary according to how you care for it, and the quality of your cup).

I read that it will take some people three months (three periods) to get used to using the cup, so I prepared myself for the worst. It also costs quite an amount of money – especially if you buy it in Japan where it isn’t all that popular yet. I typed in “生理カップ” on Amazon, and most → Read more

Certificate of Health

I wasn’t looking forward to doing my health check-up. Honestly, I didn’t know which clinic to go and how the prices were like. I did a quick Google search on the major clinics here and came across two places that were able to provide me with an x-ray examination.

For an easy comparison of the prices globally, let’s take it that a normal health check-up for having a cold or a fever is priced at 100%. → Read more