Minute Differences in Meaning

Do you know the difference between いつ and どんな時?

いつ回復アイテムを使う?- When will you be using the healing item?
どんな時に回復アイテムを使う?- When do you use healing items?

Mind Blown. I did not realise that there was such a fine line of difference. However, now that it has been pointed out to me… そういえばそうだね…


I received my written tentative CIR appointment notification letter

I finally received my written tentative CIR appointment notification letter. I kid you not. I just translated what I was given, word for word. I feel like there needs to be a period at the end of my post’s title… Anyway, the original text is 国際交流員採用内定通知書 for anyone who’s interested.

My office actually did send me a digital copy of all the things that are enclosed in the formal printed letter waaaay before, so → Read more