Kindle Arrived!

My white kindle paperwhite arrived today!
As my room’s fan is noisy to the extent that I can’t hear anyone calling from the door, I was camping outside at the living room for the whole day. Parcel finally came at a quarter past six in the evening. → Read more



Ask any of my close friends and they’ll tell you how much I love traditional books. I love physical books that can be flipped, felt, and smelled. Yes. But recently, I have been looking into e-books, more specifically their readers.

When I started mentally organising the things I’d bring to Japan for my new job, I realised that I can’t possibly bring my whole bookshelf there. I used to tell people that I prefer to carry a thick book out to read than use an e-reader, but さすがに going overseas poses a problem.

Furthermore, I’m starting to dive into tougher Japanese novels and a dictionary within an e-reader sounds just like the thing for advanced Japanese learning.

So, I started looking into the Kindle Paperwhite reader. → Read more