Farewell Dinner by JET

Today, I attended a farewell dinner organised by JET and its related organisations.
My friend and I arrived very early and we sneaked a peek looked at the name tags that were placed on the table. It had the position, name and placement or corporation of each person here tonight.

Ms Torazakana

Said my tag.
I scanned through the → Read more


I received my written tentative CIR appointment notification letter

I finally received my written tentative CIR appointment notification letter. I kid you not. I just translated what I was given, word for word. I feel like there needs to be a period at the end of my post’s title… Anyway, the original text is 国際交流員採用内定通知書 for anyone who’s interested.

My office actually did send me a digital copy of all the things that are enclosed in the formal printed letter waaaay before, so → Read more

Placement Released

Finally!!! My placement is finally out!!!
I didn’t get one of my three choices, but I got somewhere very near it.
Thus, I’m still happy. Looking forward to a semi-田舎 lifestyle ♥

To my readers: Please travel on this journey with me ✿

Placements trickling down

When I poked my smartphone on my bed this morning, I realised that there were some incoming JETs who already received their placement. Now I have an unquenchable urge to refresh my inbox every second, even though I do have auto-sync switched on and will receive notifications when a new e-mail comes in. It’s like waiting at the door when one knows that a delivery will come today. Just a little more!!!