Getting Colder

It’s getting colder here. My digital clock informs me that my room is approximately 19 degrees at night. I purchased a nice warm blanket for myself. It’s extremely fluffy and soft to the touch. I also got warm slip-on house shoes 🙂


Work – Day 2

It’s the second day of work.
I don’t need my suit – hurray.
No more long sleeves for me today.

Headed out to get my 印鑑 (name stamp) carved and my bank account opened. H-san kindly accompanied me.

Lunch! Yes, my 冷やし中華 (Cold Chinese-style Noodles)!
It’s as delicious as it looks!

Then it’s time to work on a translation 依頼 (request). It’s about a luggage deposit service. The format is of a poster-ish feel. I like this. It’s not filled with text from one end to the other.

I have my Internet, but I can’t copy-paste from the real desktop to the virtual one that has the Internet. How am I supposed to → Read more

Don’t have enough formal clothes!

I only have one full set of formal clothes – a blouse, a suit and a skirt.
And this was essentially what I bought for my interview.

As Tokyo Orientation draws nearer, I figured I really need to get a couple more formal outfits. Went down to a rather popular shop near my place, and found out that they were having a 40% off on woman blouses! Bought three new ones. Now I’m good.

ああ、ますます社会人になっている。(Aah, I’m becoming more and more of a working adult)