JET Application for CIRs 国際交流員

So. The application for the 2018 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme is now open. It seems only yesterday that I stepped into Japan myself. Actually, I have only been in Japan for a month and a half. Yet in this short period of time, so many things happened. I have been blessed that my position as a Coordinator for International Relations is exactly what has been promised to me. I get to do translations, interpretations and help out with events. A little sad that I don’t have a time slot on the radio though 😛

The time has come now and ALT / CIR / SEA hopefuls are starting to piece together their applications and doing their best to polish up their SOPs (statement of purpose).

If anyone needs help with their SOP or advice about anything related, leave a comment on this post and I’ll get in touch with you 🙂



Application Submitted

So. After much toiling, I submitted my application to be a 国際交流員 a.k.a Coordinator for International Relations on the JET Programme.
I had the help of 3 non-JETers, 1 ALT and 5 CIRs. They looked through and commented on my SoP. With their help, I did about 10 mini-alterations, and a huge massive restructuring to change the whole flow so that it is neater.
Yes. There is no such thing as over-kill.

I won’t place my SOP here as I want to remain anonymous, but I will write down a brief overview and the structure of it to help whoever needs it as a reference. → Read more