First school visit to an Elementary school

I did a presentation on my home country and the traditional games we play, to 107 Elementary 1 school students today. It took me about two days to prepare the slides, with most of my time spent on finding the most appropriate pictures. Due to the age of the students, I wasn’t able to use many words in my presentation and I couldn’t even use Kanji! Everything had to be kept simple.

I talked about the environment, food, games and school system of my home country. It was nice to see → Read more


Touring an Elementary School

As participants of the JET Programme in my hometown, we are allowed to visit the elementary Japanese schools here to see how the English classes are like. Although I have been to a Japanese Senior High School during their yearly school festival, I have never been to an elementary school. I went down with one of my close friend who is also on the programme today. I’m very glad I → Read more