Work – Day 2

It’s the second day of work.
I don’t need my suit – hurray.
No more long sleeves for me today.

Headed out to get my 印鑑 (name stamp) carved and my bank account opened. H-san kindly accompanied me.

Lunch! Yes, my 冷やし中華 (Cold Chinese-style Noodles)!
It’s as delicious as it looks!

Then it’s time to work on a translation 依頼 (request). It’s about a luggage deposit service. The format is of a poster-ish feel. I like this. It’s not filled with text from one end to the other.

I have my Internet, but I can’t copy-paste from the real desktop to the virtual one that has the Internet. How am I supposed to search for words? It’s going to take forever! After I exhaled loudly softly, I approached H-san for help. She took out a stack of printed paper and flipped through it. There. There’s a solution there. We tried to make it work. It did. Thankfully. I can now copy and paste my stuff. Why must they make it so troublesome? Right, security.

My translation was 順調に進んでいるing (progressing smoothly). I am happy.

I still need my phone line and wifi.
That one isn’t as 順調 (smooth).

Nevermind. I’ll get down to it someday.

It’s 1702. I wait a little longer for it to be 1705.
It’s time to take my leave.
“お先に失礼します” I called out.

It’s time to shop again at the nearby supermarket.
I wrote down a list as usual.

– Dinner, Ice-Cream, Breakfast, Soy Milk
– Towel
– Shampoo and Soap
– Pads

And to make long stories short, I got everything on that list.

Tomorrow is a Saturday. It is a rest day.
I’m attending an event though. It lasts throughout the weekend 🙂


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